Österreichisches VolksLiedWerk
Volksmusikland Österreich
Monographic landscape

In the 1970s many developments in folk music turned against the misty-eyed, romantic, nationalistic view of traditional folk music. People started to discover critical songs to point to grievances in society. Under Anglo-American influences, cross-over with stylistic elements from rock and pop combined with native traditions is apparent. Today, many groups juggle with stylistic elements and instruments from all over the world and from every genre. Professional musical education introduced many years before accelerated these developments.

Initial departures from traditional folk music date back to 1955. The Slovenian group "Oberkrainer" created a new style of "folksy" music based on international ballroom dance and popular music.

In research, scientists increasingly attempted to investigate economic and cultural change and its social effects on the community. Groups of researchers from various disciplines monographically recorded various villages and cultural regions from this point of view. These attempts and research results were facilitated by technological advances in the form of tape recording.